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End-of-Year Banquet 2023

Your Medford Crew team celebrated a successful 2022-2023 Year at Bistro 489 at Medford High School. Our end-of-year Rowing Banquet and Senior Celebration allowed rowers, coaches, and families to reflect on the Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 seasons.

This is our second full season since high school athletics have "returned to normal" and we were pleased to see MHS Crew show progress and compete hard at Northeast Regionals and States.

All attendees were treated to a great "2022-2023 MHS Rowing Highlight Video" courtesy of MHS Team Captain, Conor O'Leary (a student athlete of many talents). Of course, everyone was well fed thanks to all the families that provided delicious food and drinks (shout out to the Callahan family for the yummy lasagna), and the pizza that was donated by Wegmans.

Celebration of Seniors

We celebrated our seniors by presenting them with their personalized posters, framed team photo (individually signed by members of Medford High Crew), and special keychains.

Coaches Awards

Coach Diettrich presented her Girls' team awards:

  • Girls' Novice Coaches Award: Sarah Youssef

  • Girls' Varsity Coaches Award: Teagan Mustone, Julie DesAutels

  • Amy Byron "Extraordinary commitment" Award: Francesca Virusso

Coach Manes and Coach Stavros presented their Boys' team awards:

  • Boys' Novice Coaches Award: Matthew Stricker

  • Boys' Varsity Coaches Award: Felix Todhunter

  • Michael McGlynn "Extraordinary commitment" Award: Conor O'Leary

Captains Announced for Next Year

In his first year as Director of the program, Coach Manes announced captains for the 2023-2024 Rowing Season (as voted on by crew members and coaches):

  • New Girls' Crew Captains: Coral Chaves

  • New Boys' Crew Captains: Scott Campbell, with Conor O'Leary returning

Thank you to our Coaches

We said THANK YOU to MHS' coaching staff (Coaches Manes, Diettrich, Stavros, and Ray Mattingly, our new volunteer coach) and presented them with gifts from all the rowers and their families.

We also bid farewell to long-time Medford Crew coach (and MHS Rowing alum) Sarah Diettrich, who will not be returning next year. Sarah certainly left her mark on our middle school and high school program; her positive influence spans across many student athletes.

We also say goodbye (or maybe "see you later") to Coach Stavros as he heads back to Worcester to rebuild an important rowing program in that area. We have been the beneficiaries of his vast rowing network ("Coach Stavros knows everyone") as well as his mentorship of everyone in the MHS Rowing program.

We wish them GREAT SUCCESS in their next chapter.

Tribute to "graduating" Friend of Medford Rowing Board Members

Rowers, coaches, and families expressed heartfelt gratitude to our outgoing Friends of Medford Rowing (FOMR) Board members (Chris DesAutels, Jenn DesAutels, Rick Todhunter) and special thanks to Eva Wong and Gail Airasian for their dedicated service as well (each were gifted with personal artwork by Jenn).

We will hold our next Board/Parents Meeting on Monday, June 19th (location TBD) to wrap up the program year, elect new board members, as well as discuss what will be needed in order to build upon our achievements this year.

Finally, we wanted to give special thanks to Chad Fallon, Principal of the Medford Vocational Technical High School (MVTHS) and Rachel Perry, Assistant Athletic Director of MHS for making the Bistro 489 space available to us on such short notice.

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