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Important Info for High School Athletes

General Info

  • You need NO PRIOR KNOWLEDGE to join crew! We will teach you everything you need to know

  • NOTE: Being a part of Medford Rowing is a commitment

  • Practices are mandatory (take place every weekday and sometimes on Saturdays)

  • Follow our social accounts on facebook, instagram, + twitter

  • Coaches will inform captains of last minute changes and captains will relay information (typically by snapchat)

  • Make sure you have all your captain’s numbers in case you have any questions

  • Contact info: Coach Dello Russo ( and Coach Manes (


  • Rowers must wear workout clothes and sneakers (no jeans)

  • Coxswains should dress smart in athletic wear

  • Bring water in a reusable water bottle. Remember to fill your water bottle at school (No fountains at Hormel boatyard)

  • Stay updated with your teammates during the school day because the location of practices might change due to weather (either school or Hormel boatyard)

  • School practices take place in the second floor overpass. This is where we erg (rowing machines)

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