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About Friends of Medford Rowing (FOMR)

Parent-led non-profit organization

Here at Friends of Medford Rowing (FOMR), we see the opportunity for every student to learn about themselves, about competitive rowing, and to be part of a team.  We founded our Non-Profit Organization in order to support our student athletes and their coaches.


Board of Directors


Suzannah Campbell


Frank OLeary.jpg

Frank O'Leary


Gail Airasian.jfif

Gail Airasian



Sarah Cluggish

Clerk, Secretary

Leigh Stricker.jpg

Leigh Stricker

Clothing Director


Mark Chaves

Communications Director

Shellery Hamlin-Richrdson.png

Shellery Hamlin-Richardson

Food Director

Medford Crew logo.png

Peggy Zisk

Director At-Large

Past Board Meetings

Download Meeting Minutes

2022/04 Meeting Minutes

Topics: Topics: Coaches Update, Regatta Schedule (and Mayor's Cup logistics), Fundraiser update, Financial update, Equipment update

2022/03 Meeting Minutes

Topics: Topics: Spring Season Prep, Fundraiser update, Financial update, Equipping + outfitting boats, Website update, Competition Schedule (Regattas)

2022/02 Meeting Minutes

Topics: Equipment needs, Fundraiser update, Financial update, Website update, Clothing orders, Prep for Spring competitions, Coach Chris Dello Russo not returning to program in 2022-2023

2021/04 Meeting Minutes

Topics: various

2021/03 Meeting Minutes

Topics: various

2021/02 Meeting Minutes

Topics: various

2021/01 Meeting Minutes

Topics: Topics: Gift Card fundraiser update, Financial update, Equipping + outfitting boats, Website update, NEIRA meeting next month, Formal procedural items

2020/11 Meeting Minutes

Topics: Bertucci's + Gift Card fundraisers, Financial update, New/Existing Equipment assessment, No update from NEIRA, Formal procedural items

2020/09 Meeting Minutes

Topics: Bertucci's fundraiser update and other plans, Financial update, Communications update, Plan for Land-based Training, Grant updates, Recruiting efforts, Formal procedural items

2020/08 Meeting Minutes

Topics: Boatyard and dock update, Financial update, Grant updates, Fall Rowing Season cancelled, Equipment needs, New fundraising proposals/plans, communications update, Formal procedural items

2020/06 Meeting Minutes

Topics: Seniors/Awards, Financial update, Wrapping up season, Update on Grants, new board members voted in

2020/04 Meeting Minutes

Topics: Operating Report provided to board, Financial update, open board positions, awards/senior recognition, equipment update and repairs, stipend/user fees in light of pandemic

2020/03 Meeting Minutes

Topics: Mayor's Cup set, Financial update, John assisting with novice coaching, Reminders for clothing, new Instagram account, Food prep for upcoming races, "I" Statement completed, Clothing ordered, Grant updates from Chris, Encore grant check delayed, Parents Mtg scheduled

2020/02 Meeting Minutes

Topics: Dock has been ordered, Dan repairing broken erg, Potential Asst Coach candidate, check received from MRSRA, Article of Amendment changes, Updated Food Form with Venmo option, Financial update, spring practice plans, WIX renewal paid for website, School Calendar updated, Prelim race schedule

2020/01 Meeting Minutes

Topics: Asst Coach position posted, Grant received for Dock repairs, Raffle Baskets fundraiser, Procedural Manual, "I" Statement for Rowers, Discuss Food Fees, Date for Spring Regattas, Financial update, Tentative banquet plans, Registrations, coaches attending MPSRA meeting, planning upcoming Parent meeting, other Fundraising ideas

2019/11 Meeting Minutes

Topics: Blue license plate finalized for trailer, still recruiting for Asst Coach, recent ECSB donation, Bake sale summary, Food fee report, Financial update, preliminary race schedule proposed, looking at online USRowing/training, Fall Season recap, Winterizing plan, plan for Spring season

2019/10 Meeting Minutes

Topics: New Asst Coach hired (Ben Beckwith), Boat Repairs ongoing (Chuck, Dan), USRowing membership renewed, Financial update, Coaches Updates on Girls and Boys teams, Sign-ups posted for Regatta, Clothing orders still trickling in

2019/09 Meeting Minutes

Topics: Parents Meeting, Discussed Practices, Regattas, Financial update, Asking for help with Boatyard cleanup, still recruiting for asst. coach positions, Election Day Bake Sale, Discussed status of Middle School program

2019/08 Meeting Minutes

Topics: Drafted Fundraising letters, Boatyard cleanup wrap-up, Moved 3 ergs to boatyard, Financial update, Meeting with new coach (Aaron),  Website info updated, Transitions from previous board members to new ones, challenges with Middle School program, Bake Sale and Recycle Fundraiser, attempted break-in at boatyard

2019/06 Meeting Minutes

Topics: Responsibilities of Board Members, Meeting Dates, Financial update, Coaching Openings, Communications update (new social accounts), Fundraising letter drive, Discuss clear expectations of coaches + parents, Food fees, Planning for Repair Day at Boatyard

2019/05 Meeting Minutes

Topics: Board elections for 2019-2020 season, DGC Auto Body donated repairs to boat, Equipment update, Financial update, Electronics fundraiser, Mayor's Cup sign-ups, Banquet details/sign-ups

2019/04 Meeting Minutes

Topics: fall crew and spring crew to be treated as separate sports, updates on middle school program, Financial update, damage to Ubertina boat, inventory being updated, approval to buy new Vespoli boat, Giggles fundraiser, Mayor's Cup prep, early Banquet prep

2022 Event Thumbnail - Mayor's Cup 3 (webpage).png

Mayor's Cup Invitational

Hosted by Medford Rowing

Medford's signature rowing event at the Tufts Boathouse at River's Edge

  • Medford needs volunteers - here is the link to the SignUpGenius page

  • Weather in the 90s

  • Bring extra water, sunscreen, and appropriate clothing

Parking & Tent Info

Vehicle Parking, Tent Info, and Address for GPS Directions

Schedule of Race

Mayor's Cup Race Schedule & Awards Ceremony Timing

Mayor's Cup Race Course

Race Course and Event Details

Jobs & Roles (FOMR)

Roles and Jobs for Support of the Event (Friends of Medford Rowing - FOMR)

Race Schedule

Tentative Race Schedule (subject to change)

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