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End-of-Year Banquet 2024

The Medford High School Crew team celebrated a great 2023-2024 Year at Bistro 489. Our end-of-the-year banquet was a great chance for rowers, coaches and families to get together, appreciate the past year, and say “goodbye” to those friends who are moving on.

Our team has continued to build on the efforts and success of past years and we have a lot to be proud of. We were able to send boats to over 10 races, including the 2 State Championships and the Head of the Charles!

Check out the 2023-2024 MHS Rowing Highlight Video, thanks to one of our team captains, Oumniya Benali.

Celebration of Seniors

Our seniors have been pillars of the Medford High School Crew. On the water they row hard and off the water they mentor and inspire the whole team. We’ll miss you and we know you’ll continue to make us proud.

Coaches Awards

Coach Stavros presented the Boys’ team awards:

  • Sebastian Carricaburu - Boys Novice Unsung Hero Award

  • Antony Purifory - Boys’ Varsity Unsung Hero Award

  • Owen Barczak-Kroll - Boys’ Novice Coaches Award

  • Connor O’Leary - Boy’s Varsity Coaches Award

  • Scott Campbell - Michael McGlynn “Extraordinary commitment” Award

Coach Manes presented the Girls’ team awards:

  • Michaela Callahan - Girls’ Varsity Unsung Hero Award

  • Sabina Li - Girls’ Novice Coaches Award

  • Sarah Youssef - Girls’ Varsity Coaches Award

  • Coral Chaves - Amy Byron “Extraordinary commitment” Award

2024-205 Team Captains

MHS Rowing announced 5 captains for the upcoming year:

  • Girls’ captains - Oumniya Benalia and Sarah Youssef

  • Boys’ captains - Scott Campbell, James Cluggish, and Matt Stricker

Recognizing our Coaches

We thanked the MHS amazing coaching staff.

Coach Manes is moving on. He coached many of our rowers from their first day on the water to their first races and medals. Between races, he continued to support our rowers with his regatta writeups. You’ll be missed and we wish you and your family all the best!

Coach Stavros will continue training our athletes. We’re grateful for the enormous dedication and decades of experience that he brings to our team. Thank you!

Chris Serene has been supporting the team with both his expertise and enthusiasm. We’re excited that he will also return next year.

Reaching Our Goal

This year we used to help raise money for the upcoming year. Megan Matarese and Cormac Lynch lead the way and together the team raised almost $7,000!

Friends of Medford Rowing

The MHS rowing team enjoys the support of many parents, friends, and siblings.

We thanked our outgoing board members. Mark Chaves (communications director), Gail Airasian (treasurer), Shellery Hamlin-Richardson (food director), and Peggy Zisk (director at-large) have done incredible work supporting the rowing team. We’ll miss you and hope to see you at future regattas.

We also welcomed our new board members; Miriam Leigh (treasurer), Claudius Li (communications director), and Kathy Mumma (director at-large).

Thank you Leigh Sticker (clothing director), Sarah Cluggish (secretary/clerk), Frank O’Leary (co-president), and Suzannah Campbell (co-president) for continuing to serve MHS rowing.

Thank you rowers

The Medford Crew owes its success to the daily efforts of every one of our rowers. Your dedication has pulled us through another great year and you have a lot to be proud of. Best of luck to our seniors and we’ll see the rest of you in the fall.

Go Mustangs!


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