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States Recap: Great Way to Close 2023 Rowing Season

Great results from Massachusetts Public Schools Rowing State Championship in Lowell

Big congratulations to our Medford High Mustangs' Crew Team for a successful day at "States" regatta on Sunday, May 28, 2023 and kudos to Coach Manes, Coach Diettrich, and Coach Stavros for guiding our student athletes this year.

All the boats competed strong and showed improvement over the season with 3 boats earning medals! We thank our graduating seniors for providing leadership to the whole crew and, given what we have seen from our novice rowers on the water, the future looks bright for this program.

Big thanks to family and friends who came to cheer on our Mustangs! While we are grateful for ALL those who provided logistical support and food/refreshments, we'd like to give a special shout out to the DesAutels, Purifory, and Matos families for providing breakfast and lunch for the team and family tent.

Medford had the following eight (8) different boats compete on the Merrimack River:

MHS Crew


Girls 1st Novice 4+

Sarah Youssef, Julia Hallam-Baker, Oumniya Benalia, Michaela Callahan, with Emma Cohen as coxswain

Boys 1st Varsity 4+

Adrian Wu, Scott Campbell, Felix Todhunter, Conor O'Leary, with Jasper McIntyre as coxwain

Girls 1st Varsity 4+

Julie DesAutels, Coral Chaves, Teagan Mustone, Amy Nguyen, with Francesca Virusso as coxswain

Boys Novice 2x [earned medals]

Scott Campbell, Adrian Wu

Boys 4x

Conor O'Leary, Felix Todhunter, Theo Norton, Anthony Purifory

Girls Novice 2x [earned medals]

Julie DesAutels, Coral Chaves

Boys 1st Novice 4+ [earned medals]

Matt Stricker, James Sloan, Charlie Orcutt, James Cluggish, with Henrique Matos as coxswain

Boys 2nd Varsity 4+

Anthony Purifory, Jack Bolitho, Theo Norton, Jaylen Richardson, with James Cluggish as coxswain

Photo Gallery

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