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Success for MHS Crew at 4th Annual New England Jr and Masters Championships

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

This week, the Medford High School Rowing Team traveled to Worcester for the 14th Annual New England Jr and Masters Championships to race against schools from all over New England, including New York. Due to a few equipment issues, the team was not able to get in a full week of preparation, but that was not going to stop them from giving their best effort.

The first race of the day was the Novice 4+. The boys finished 13th out of 15 in the high school division. Although they did not place as high as they would have liked, they were less than a minute away from Lowell High School, a fellow MPSRA school.

Boat placing was a recurring theme for our other boats' races. There was a lot of tough competition in both the Boys 1st and 2nd Varsity 4’s, placing 18th and 12th respectively.


"Great race today! It was nice to see the whole varsity boys team medal!"

- Scott Campbell (Captain)


After the boys, the girls had their chance to race. The Girls Team only fielded one boat, a Girls Novice 2X. Having never raced together before and only practicing together once, the girls raced admirably.

The highlights of the day were the Boys 3rd Varsity 4 and the Boys Oct (which is an 8 rigged for sculling). Both boats were able to cross the finish line first. Earning the first medals, gold, for the team this fall.

As James Cluggish pointed out, the theme for the Boys 3rd Varsity 4 was ALL IN and ensuring that each rower put 110% into every stroke. This "no strokes off" mantra, propelled them to victory. For Matt Stricker, James Sloan, and James Cluggish, this was their 5th metal in their short rowing career with MHS Crew. James also added "Henry Gregor who joined the team this year has been a great addition to this boat. Coxswain Henrique Matos, with his enthusiastic spirit, got his fourth metal with the team. We are looking forward to New Hampshire and this MHS Crew team hopes to keep the winning going by focusing on mental strength and winning together."

This week, your MHS Mustangs Crew team will be back on the Mystic River preparing for their next race, the New Hampshire Championship in Pembroke, NH on Sunday, October 15, 2023.

(special thanks to Amanda O'Leary, Thomas Sloan, and Jay Campbell for sharing their photos from the event)

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