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End-of-year Banquet & Senior Celebration

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Parents, guardians, rowers, coaches, and supporters all gathered at the Medford Rowing boatyard to wrap up the rowing season which included:

  • celebrating our graduating seniors (with special posters and gift bags)

  • announcing new team captains for upcoming season

  • handing out special awards

  • thanking our coaches and supporters for their perseverance

We also enjoyed food, snacks, and refreshments (special thanks to Wegmans food market of Medford for donating LOTS of pizza for the event).

Girls' Team - Seniors moving on:

  • Kathleen Campbell

  • Sophie Shrestha

  • Morgan Patterson

  • Noelani Lasko

  • Amy Parrilla

  • Mariana Plata

  • Lily Anzalone

Boys' Team - Seniors moving on:

  • Justin Truong

  • Peter Todhunter

  • Nathan McCarthy

Girls' Team - Outgoing Captains:

  • Sophie Shrestha

  • Kathleen Campbell

Girls' Team - Incoming Captains

  • Melina McGovern (returning as Captain from last year)

  • Liza Lopes

Boys' Team - Outgoing Captains

  • Justin Truong

  • Peter Todhunter

Boys' Team - Incoming Captain

  • Brendan Canavan

Girls' Team - Coaches Awards

  • Novice Coaches Award - Christina Zheng

  • Varsity Coaches Award - Noelani Lasko

Boys' Team - Coaches Awards

  • Novice Coaches Award - Conor O'Leary

  • Varsity Coaches Award - Brendan Canavan

Amy Byron Award recipient: Kathleen Campbell

Michael McGlynn Award recipient: Justin Truong

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